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Signs of the times

What are the three aims ?

The means


The beginning of the XXIst century had the following characteristics:

  • Globalisation of all political, social and economic problems,
  • Dominance of materialism, whether totalitarian or liberal, theoretical or practical,
  • A spiritual and moral crisis,
  • The rejection of the ideologies of the XIXth and XXth centuries,
  • Signs of a return of the sacred in accord with man’s nature.

 All these characteristics of the current age give it an evidently eschatological character.

The Second Council of the Vatican has providentially replied to the anguish and aspirations of man, on condition of being understood and applied in a perfect fidelity to tradition.

Light and darkness confront each other, the light of the Truth and the darkness of error. It is a confrontation that allows no-one to stand aside. We must choose on which side we want to stand. It’s the choice by which each human being puts into play his or her eternity.


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