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Founded in 1945, canonically erected in the Cathedral of Chartres ( Christmas, 1964, Our Lady Underground ), the Militia Sanctae Mariae, the regular and militant company of the Knights of Our Lady, is a Roman Catholic confraternity.

In creating the MSM the founder expressedly wanted to form a new chivalry adapted to our times, by reviving the spirit of Christian knighthood in its purest and most universal form, including its consecration to Our Lady in a very special way.

The Order of the Knights of Our Lady gathers together Catholic men and women, unmarried and married, concerned to carry out their family or professional duties in a Christian way, being conscious that their lay state calls them to evangelise society. Such a variety of people finds its unity in a shared rule of life, in the struggle to build the Kingdom of God, in the love of Our Lady and in fidelity to the Church.

Ordre des Chevaliers de Notre-Dame
Commanderie de l'Immaculée F-28240 Montireau