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What are the three aims ?

The means


A company :

The members of the MSM make up a real spiritual family and practise a true fraternal life. It is their unity that makes the combat for Christ and His kingdom so effective. Some among them choose a conventual life.

Regular :

The Order offers its members to live a Rule which enables them to fulfil to their best ability their mission of knight and Christian in today’s world. The Rule creates a life-style by melding a variety of wills in the pursuit of the same end, thus making the Order into a fraternity united in the search and love for the same ideal.

The 21 chapters of the Rule describe the aims of the Order, its structure, the ethos of the knight, his round of observances be they personal or communal, his family, professional and social life. The observances are relatively light, and perfectly adapted to the life of a layman in the world.

The Rule is the handmaid of the Gospel  and in everything reflects Scripture and Tradition … it helps each one to unify his life.

 What is Tradition?

‘The Church, in her doctrine, life and worship, perpetuates and transmits to every generation all that she herself is, all that she believes. The tradition that comes from the apostles makes progress in the Church, with the help of the Holy Spirit.’ (Vatican II: ‘Dei Verbum’)

Militant :

"So faith also, if it have not works, is dead in itself." (James, 2, 17 )

 The Knights of Our Lady see their activity as a two-edged fight ( St Bernard ): spiritual in inspiration and intention, temporal according to the field of battle: a battle for man in the city of man, but in sight of the city of God, since what is at stake is the salvation of the whole man.

Responding to the exhortations of the Holy Father, the MSM is at the service of the Church, and of the city and dignity of man.

The knight honours and protects the poor, weak and disinherited.’ (Chivalric Code of Honour)

Ordre des Chevaliers de Notre-Dame
Commanderie de l'Immaculée F-28240 Montireau